Family internet safety rules and usage contract

Kids, before you get started read these 3 statements out loud and initial them.
1.        Nothing on the internet is private. ____
2.        People online are not always who they say they are.____
3.        People are not always truthful online.____

       I __________________________ agree on this date ___/___/___ to:
  • Never give out our last name, address, phone number, or any personal information without parental consent.
    This includes the name of my school, where I play sports, the names of my family members and anything else included below:
  • Additional "Never give out rules":____________________________________________________
  • Never give out my password to anyone other than my parents.
  • Always let my parents review existing and new screen names, email addresses, user logins and all passwords.
  • Get my parents' permission before I signup for anything on the Internet.
  • Never upload or download pictures without parental consent.
  • Never download games, music or videos without parental consent (Many viruses infect your computer this way)
  • When asked where we live, we all agree to say this online: ____________________
    Examples: (can't give out this info, the moon, state, OZ, N/A.)
  • Never order anything online, even if it says "free", without parental consent.
    (Remember, nothing is free, some places just want your e-mail address so they can bombard you with spam, i.e. garbage email)
  • Stop what I am doing and immediately get my parents or an adult, I trust, if someone asks to meet me in person.
    (*This is a very serious matter and is NOT to be taken lightly.)
  • Stop communicating with someone if the conversation gets uncomfortable, or if crude or inappropriate language is used.
  • Never give out my age or any of my family or friends ages online.
  • Never use inappropriate language online.
  • Never click on a popup banner or sign. (always click on the X on the top right corner to close them)
  • Report a bully immediately to my parents and never bully someone else.
  • Never enter a site that states "you must be 18 to enter"
  • Limit my time on the Internet to: _________ a day, homework is excluded here.

The Adults Agree:
If my child comes and tells me that they saw something online that was inappropriate, I will discuss this openly with them.
If my child reports a violation, I will discuss the matter with them first before calling the contract broken.
If this contract is broken the consequences will be:

I agree to abide by this contract.
Parents' signature: ___________________________________________
Kids' signature: _____________________________________________
Signed on ___/___/___

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