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The history logs contain a history of every site your computer has been to. If they havenít been deleted this is a very good place to see where people have been on your computer. Now, before we get  started, keep in mind that history logs are easily deleted, even just an individual log can be deleted. Bearing that in mind here is how you review the history logs. On this page you will find 4 different ways to view history logs, even deleted ones.

Reading your Browser history
STEP 2 The history of every site visited will appear on your left, (see image to the right). From there, you can pick a link and see the site visited. You can even see the sub sites that were visited per site.
View Internet history logs
Read your internet history logs
Click on the round icon as shown above to open the history window.
Firefox users
Internet history logs
The history window shown below opens to the left very much like Internet Explorer.
NO excuses! If you find bad sites here, they were visited by someone using your computer.
*note: If there are NO logs, then someone deleted them, that could be a warning sign. -Red flag
For a more advanced type search for hidden and secret logs go to;
Here you will find step by step instructions on how to find internet history logs, even if your browser history has been deleted.
How to View your internet history logs and finding deleted History logs.
*Note: FOR A FASTER AND EASIER WAY TO VIEW YOUR HISTORY LOG - Open your browser and press  ctrl-H   all at once.
STEP 1 If you use Internet Explorer click on the history log icon as shown below. (Firefox users See bottom)

Review your cached Internet logs. Click here to download a free utility that makes finding and reading Internet logs easy.
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index.dat is a file on your computer that has a Internet trail of web sites visited.
Secrets revealed!

The index.dat file keeps a history log of every website visited by your computer. It is stored in a single file that is unreadable by most programs, unless you have a .dat file reader. Even if someone has deleted the history logs, you still have a history in the index.dat file. Can it be deleted, yes, but it's not easy, more than likely it is sitting on your computer with a wealth of information. Click here to download Index dat spy and find out where your computer has been.